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April 23, 2011


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Hope you are all better - and don't wait so long to post!


Nice toes! Red or pink??

Victoria Hopkins

More of your adventures please!


How much weight have you lost?! Ha!

I thought I would get to see you laying on the bathroom floor!

Art by Karena

Come and enter my very Fashionable Giveaway from the French Basketeer!


hope you feel better in time to eat chocolate for Easter!


But you sure look good in those pj's. Feel better. MB

Kelly Hoffman

We have the same color toes at the same time! Sisters, sisters..... "insert musical notes above".


just checked back to make sure you removed that spammer from the other day (and you did ;) my fear of having a blog! btw, it looks like you have a spot on that rug.. take a little mild baby soap and a damp towel. blot. DO NOT RUB.

NY girlfriend

Did Micki poison you?

Are you mocking my Texan boyfriend?? Verrry funny if you are

Dovecote Decor

Hope you feel better. My, can we all relate to being sick all alone. It really is the worst.

Katie C

Indeed. I get VERY angry at my husband when he lucks into food poisoning. "What did you eat? Is there any left?" Because what a wonderful way to lose weight! Just snooze and watch soap operas (with the occasional nip into the powder room to, ahem, VOID).

I've been known to drink copious amounts of water at the border in Tijuana, just before returning to the States, in hopes of knocking off that pesky extra 5 lbs.

Hope you're feeling better, though.

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