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May 27, 2009


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It would be most interesting (and I'm sure you could make it humorous) if you could please write a posting on the "tricks" of the blog "trade". How do you get those beautiful pictures inserted? What is a TrackBack for this "URL entry". Why am I lucky enough to have my "URL" automatically linked (what the heck is my URL, sounds clinical) and should I have a TypeKey or TypePad account to better respond to you? Also, really appreciate the short history lesson. Snippets like that are all a gal like me need to impress my more internationally diverse friends. It also makes me think that I shouldn't have given to the Salvation Army my copy of Islam for Dummies...I just found that even that was too "technically informative" for my addled brain. Keep your URLs coming my way and I will try to continue my "comment feed".

Sara Sterling

Your house is crazy beautiful. I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you for inspiring me!

Shelby J.M.

phew, now I can sound intellegent when my 16 yr old asks about sunnis and shiites - lord knows none of my 40-something friends have ever asked me about it!


These pics make me sooo happy. BTW, the jigs up Sara Sterling. =)

electronic cigarettes

everyone loves the hardware stoe.


Can you tell me who makes the outdoor bench I see behind the back window - They have one at my parents club in florida and I LOVE it - Want one and would appreciate any help! Many thank yous...

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