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June 21, 2009


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ok, you've shamed me into it. I will make my list tomorrow. lol xop

Beloved Blogger

11. He has a good sense of direction.
12. He looks good in a Tuxedo.
13. He made enough $ to open a hardware store and not travel as much..

Sara Sterling

He sounds like a sweet piece of man candy!


He is! Although, he's mad I said he had a cute butt...


Thanks for reminding me of fathers day. I purchased a wine hamper for my father as he love wines very much,


I thought for SURE the photo would include a photo so we could see his cute butt!
Love your blog. Makes me laugh out loud every post.

Sara Sterling

We want the butt! We want the butt!

electronic cigarettes

I got my dad a scrap book.

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