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September 13, 2009


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Beloved Blogger

My guess is the Irish contractor has been hit hard (no pun intended) by the housing recession and is on the prowl for Presidio Heights girls...

Beware the Manther (male cougar).

Sara Sterling

I am a sucker for a butt-crack view of a plumber at work.


I will never forget the day the "foreman" (AKA guy with tool belt + managerial skills) on our house remodel, after two years of working together, said to me, "I love you, I really LOVE you". He was a little drunk (at our crew's end of the job party) and we never REALLY spoke again but when times are tough and my husband and I pass in the hallways of our fabulous house and grunt our hellos, I fancy someone is out there still thinking fondly of me, sigh....Angelica
PS - Where are your darn photos?


I think it is only fair if you ask Beloved what he and his friends find attractive now at his mature age ... for the next blog. :)


All I know is when the obnoxious yelling from construction sites stop is the day I go in for the full works @ Dr. Guys office!!!

E cig

Smoking is the devil!

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