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October 09, 2009


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thank God this woman is going to Italy.


AND....she knows her coffee that's for sure. If it wasn't for the wife of "Beloved", I'd have never found that little alley in Hayes Valley where one can obtain the best latte made by human hands...Blue Bottle.

Sara Sterling

Beloved seems like an otherwise smart guy...it makes me think of the movie Rainman - Dustin Hoffman's character was so smart and so impressive at math, but then there were tasks he just couldn't master.

At MY coffee place in New York they start making my order as soon as they see me in line and it's all bagged up and ready when I get to the register - one small decaf skim cappuccino, one large coffee black, put one Sweet & Low and one Equal in each beverage and then mix them together - super simple...maybe you need to train the baristas better.


Is there a problem here?

Shelby M

And she's been married 20 years - man Beloved is a good husband!

E cig

mmmm Im stuck on americanas so good!

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