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October 06, 2009


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Sara Sterling

Awwww...he only wanted to do it himself..poor little guy.


Hmmm,... Is someone the oldest child?...


Oh yes, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

blueberry muffin man - 11 yrs. old

Ok, Mrs. B------, that is hilarious....just to let you know that I don't check my email that often so if you respond to me I might not get it that fast.


You know, when I know Italian fare is on the lunch menu, I always pack my boys a little extra parmesan in biodegradable disposable containers. When they leave for school, I make sure they have a water bottle (never plastic), a hat (we also apply sunscreen liberally, Anthelios it's worth the money, because you know as well as I do damaging UV rays penetrate the fog), and extra cheese of course. Now, when it's teriyaki chicken, we use those same containers for extra sauce. Incidentally, I always make my own sauce because the bottled kind has much too much sugar in it and I just can't expect the school cook to be tuned into my boys' specific dietary needs. I do need to remind the two of them to keep the lids on tight when they carry their personal parmesan. Sadly, my son was called "Stinky Cheese Man" the entire afternoon due to the parmesan residue that lined his back pocket. This unkind behavior is something I intend to bring up with the school administration tomorrow after the positive coaching alliance meeting being held in the gym.


Well I hope they offer pecorino romano for the cow dairy sensitive children!

(btw, hannah has a bialy, smoked salmon and organic neufchatel packed in her lunch with a free range h.b. egg and late summer watermelon.)

Shelby M

I take it you're off the hook for lunch duty now!



Anthelios sunscreen is actually NOT safe (do a quick google search of it's ingredients, throw in the word "toxic" for better results and you'll see that Octocrylene, Avobenzone and Titanium Dioxide, to name a few, are not safe). Your best bet is to make your own with shea butter (I recommend one of the unrefined ones from Rainbow (it's outside Pacific Heights but certainly worth the trip) plus a little unrefined coconut oil...will also help combat stinky cheese smells on your little ones :)

Blogger (who are you?! I've just begun reading your blog yesterday but I am hooked): this school sounds amazing. I'm a SoCal-er (for now) but adore the Utopian SF way of life (I have always wished every city could adopt just a few of SF's philosophies).

Kim Bachmann

Ive always thought that about Anthelios!
I love Rainbow
Not sure if I have it in me to make homemade sunscreen but will certainly consider it!
I am just a frustrated housewife.   Yes the boys school is amazing and I love the eccentricity of SF!
Thank you for reading and commenting!

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