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November 18, 2009


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beloved blogger

It's a great thing - Zoloft or any of the numerous other "designer" mood changing drugs. While it is great for you, trust me, it is even greater for Beloved.

"It's a miracle" - I'm from the South too....


Thanks for writing! I've been looking for my next high dose of "TYfA"...

NY Girlfriend

...it is all good until you post a blog from the Malibu grounds of Promises....

Sara Sterling

I agree with "SF Reader"; a nice low dose of Zoloft and a TYFA post makes my day...not to mention a low dose martini.


I'd just like to say that, as always, I so appreciate your honesty and humor. As we all slide uncomfortably into middle age, we all need a little help staying positive and upbeat. For some of us gals though, martinis just don't do the trick.

Nick Zantop

Great entry & a beautiful shot of my favorite bridge

Sara Sterling

Any Thanksgiving advice? My husband's a turkey.....


Just to clarify: I only take half of the lowest dose possible...three times per day.


You always make me laugh. a deep belly laugh (although I of course have no belly to speak of.)

Sincere thanks.


dose zoloft is a gateway drug - I used to feel that way and now I think I need to double (triple?) it. I didn't even laugh, just nodded in melancholy reminiscence that I USED to feel better on 20 mg.

Sara Sterling

Thank you Beachmom for putting it all into melancholy perspective...

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Great photo of the bridge I miss san fran


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