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December 12, 2009


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Shelby M

FUNNY! But how can you expect your Beloved to string the lights when MEN CAN'T EVEN CHANGE A LIGHTBULB! Beautiful tree and beautiful house BTW - nicely done.


Weeeellllll, at least you haven't lost it totally and HIRED someone to hang your Christmas lights. If I see one more "We Hang for You" trucks parked in front of one of my friends' houses I'm going to start clandestinely (in the dead of night) unscrewing their bulbs or better yet switch them to blinking just often enough that they think they're going crazy :)


in a few years you can say, "you are too old for a tree and it's environmentally better if we just don't buy one this year."



NY girlfriend

surely as an SF, CA resident, you purchased energy efficient LED lights. non?

Kim Bachmann

but of course!!

Fashion Photographer

The tree looks beautiful!


This must be the STRESSED out year for hubbies, since I as well had to string them this year, too!

Kim Bachmann

poor dears! 
Merry Christmas!!

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The tree is beautiful.

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