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December 01, 2009


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beloved blogger

Beloved and I need a Plan B - the time count down and driveway honking isn't working. (Too Light)

Plan B could be to leave once and go to the party alone. (Too heavy)

We will keep working on it.


great slice of life ... always fun to read


Hmmm... Any of those shoes coming my way any time soon??

Shelby M

Were those bright blue opaque tights in the pages of Vogue??? And will Beloved make you wear them now that you own them??? Maybe with a nice thong leotard for the gym.

Sara Sterling

Let's see...where to start? First - I love your photos! Second - I love the little fur thingy. Third - No Zack, you may not have the shoes.

NY girlfriend

at least the daisies in your house are low key and down to earth. who chose them?

Vapor King

Nice post I have the same dilemma

E cig review

I like your bathroom.

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