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December 09, 2009


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is that the 2nd time you have been called "real" or am i mixing up my stories?

Fashion Photographer

Perhaps real is another way of putting genuine, which I think is quite the compliment!


Maybe "real" is another way of saying "refreshing" or "approachable."

Either way, yes...the TMI from hubby thing. It's good to nip it in the bud. I had to explain to mine once that, "we don't share my concerns about my skirt being too tight with the entire party...yes, sweetie, even if they are all my friends."

Sara Sterling

"Real" probably means that you should be on a reality show...like the "Real Housewives of N.Y." or "For the Love of Ray Jay".


Thank you for the dinner party picture, now I have to run out and buy super tall candle holders and a moss covered ball.


I have to say I am always a little disappointed when someone tells me that I seem "real". I guess to me that translates to "down to earth". Then I go a bit further with it and wonder if he/she meant "earthy". "Earthy" is a little too close to the "land" for me. I always think of Dorthea Lange's migrant mother photograph. You know the one, that beautiful homeless woman with her kids...cracked, chapped lips and all. I think that's why after someone calls me "real", I always feel the need to touch up my lipstick :)


I've been called "real" as well. I am pretty sure it means, "so you haven't had a facelift, botox or boob job." Quite the back handed compliment. Made me drive straight to my "dermatologist" and cry, "Help!"

Kim Bachmann

I will take it as such!

Kim Bachmann

Im sure Id be a natural :)

Kim Bachmann

All thanks to Mickis super chic home!

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sounds like so much fun!

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