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January 12, 2010


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Oh another belly laugh! Loved this one...hate shopping at Cal Mart! One time many years ago I accepted $10 in change that wasn't due me. I walked away feeling really, really guilty. Outside of the restaurant I was accosted by a homeless fellow and to relieve my feelings of shame and dishonesty, I gave the guy the 10 bucks figuring he needed it more than the establishment I had just left. I got about three blocks away and turned around to hear a policeman yelling after me, "Hey, Lady!" I was sure he was going to ask for the $10 I had just "stolen". He approached me and said, "sorry maaaammm but I thought you'd like this back". He handed me my 10 and said, "you really shouldn't feel obligated and pressured to give that guy so much money. He's out there everyday and intimidates the hell out of nice, honest citizens like you." Oh well I thought, I tried.....


i walked into my local grocery store the other and was very secretly glad that the holiday season was over and done with...and the red bucket beggers were gone. how bad am i? to make up for it all - i just take car load after car load of stuff from my basement to donate. me giving is different somehow than them guilting me. maybe i have no heart.

NY girlfriend

every Sat morn this Fall, the Litchfield supermarket's entrance was blocked by middle school soccer teams raising $. why weren't they on the field at that time, if they love the sport so much? how many World Cup players are from suburban CT?

Sara Sterling

I love the line about the "sweat shop for underage children"!

E cig review

Sounds like a good cause to me.

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