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January 28, 2010


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beloved blogger

FINALLY I get it! Case closed.

Dads are from Venus and Moms are from Mars.

Truth be told - Dads are VERY busy too! On conference calls - multitasking with phone on mute while visiting the ESPN website to look at last night scores for the tenth time....our team still lost!



I LOVE us!! ;^)


OK - this is hands down the funniest thing I have ever read. Shaving cream on the chips!


Where the hell is the propane gauge - I went on the Miles Kimball site and can't find it. I need one!!!!


This explains your inability to compost. Food might sit around too long in the green kitchen bin. Willpower can only hold for so long. Sad that you can't do your part for the environment but now I understand why....it's alright, we all must do what we can to preserve our girlish figures.

NY girlfriend

moms, schmoms. you learned that trick years ago from Giselle, who pours diet coke on her lunch plate after a few bites


you crack me up.

E cig review

Sounds like the best job ever!

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