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February 03, 2010


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I want your handbag.


I can't wait to see how long it takes for that wearisome NYTimes woman to write about a car accident.


How can you be sure she was a lesbian?

NY girlfriend

hilarious! vs (W.L.S., you are spot on) Styles section author...a column of no consequence

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I think she was on the butch side.


Oh, this made me laugh out loud. Driving IS stressful, especially when you're trying to find the right track on your iPhone and finagle the wire thingy so it plays through the car speakers, not just the phone, and your dog is trying to climb in the front seat, etc. etc.

I just started reading "Notting Hell," by Rachel Johnson, and I want to recommend it to you. Her writing style reminds me a bit of yours, and the story is about the comings and goings of people who don't totally take themselves seriously...I think you might like it.


My beloved just rear ended a car as well. The cause of the accident ... his texting! He swears he'll stop. Good thing he drives a Prius and the car has perfect brakes and perfect acceleration.


That looks like the front seat of my car on an "organized" day. LOL!

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Looks like you're accident prone and a police and foreigner magnet. Those men who are easily get mad don't live long. No cases filed, that's good. Very nice and by the way, I was carried away, your note at the end, the story happened or not?


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i like this part of the blog:"The Russian is now prone on the sidewalk, gently moaning and mumbling something about soft tissue damage" is very good

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Nowadays, we are facing a lot of crimes, accidents and tragedies and it's so sad because sometimes, we try to avoid them but if it's your fate to be in that kind of situation, then there's nothing we could do about that. But well, the only thing that we can do is pray that we will be safe everyday, including our families and our loved ones also. And just to be careful in everything that we do because these times are getting harder than it was before.

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In this kind of situation, both parties must calm down. No one wants this to happen. Every driver must also keep in mind their responsibilities. On driving, you must avoid doing such unnecessary activity like texting, because for sure it will disturb your concentration. Most of all, every driver must check their engine and breaks before they travel. So they'll keep themselves safe!

Tracy Pierre

LOL! If this is all true, then it must have been the worst day of your life! Hehehe. Anyway, it was so entertaining! This is written very creatively. At first I thought those construction workers would back you up and defend you against the Russian guy.

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