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March 05, 2010


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Alright, Alright. I'll see what I can do to get you in.


I have an "in" with the Jonas Brothers?! I think, last I read in People, they were saving children with cancer in Texas. You could be the "Long Horn" Ambassadress :).


Ooooh! Just toured your home via CasaSugar. What a delightful abode!

Here's a thought to tuck away and whip out the next time your man thinks you should head the housework: such image-based publicity will only speed the launch of your romance novel writing career, so it's imperative that you have help in order to keep the house in top shape while you're working.


Lauren Leisure

I thought I was getting the ultimate "in" with Bono when Mom (aka Nikki) took me to the opening of his EDUN line at Neiman's downtown. I thought I would receive my closeup photo-op in my newly purchased EDUN top and jeans (which made my butt look amazing might I add). Instead, I was triple checked on the guest list to ensure I wasn't an impostor. I was then overwhelmed by the "excuse me"s and firm nudges by the tall unjustly attractive female predators making their way to the front of the stage to hear Bono and his wife speak about there clothing line. My dreams of being "discovered" and cornered by photographers for event pictures-that would be splashed upon page 5 and 6 of the Style section-were smashed. I would love to tell you that I too have the "in" to make it so Bono will be your next dinner party attendee; But unfortunately, I looked DEEP inside my goody bag as I exited the department store and was thoroughly disappointed when I concluded that it entailed no business card or home number. I thought perhaps because of my flashy smile and extreme charm, a contact had been slipped in one of the folds at the bag's bottom (or secretly taped underneath). Nope. Positive. I dismantled the entire goody-bag. Guilty. HOWEVER, because your blog is the best launch since sliced bread, I am positive that he will be contacting you in the near future. If you are soon finding that juggling the kids and your successful career with only a part time nanny is preventing you from your scheduled tea time(s), I would be happy to offer PR services so that your dinner parties will continue to be the best of the best (minus impostors); for unlike Bono, I will quadruple check the guest list upon entry. Love your blogs and miss you dearly. Lots of love!
xoxo Lauren Meany Leisure


I am a friend of a friend of the "new" Real Housewife of NYC...interested??


You seriously crack me up! Forget the romance novel and just get an advance on a book of your life, I'll buy it.


hi, laughing again!!! you're just awasome.
If I would consider to do something crazy, it would be for Bono- I am a true U2 fun.

btw, just ask anything about Croatia and I will try to answer (maybe future vacation spot!!)



How hip would I be (because it is all about me) if I were to vacation in Croatia?! Wonderful idea AnaM!

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