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May 11, 2010


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I reread and reread and I keep missing the part about Micki taking youngest to the doctor while you were gushing around Napa.


So did you maaaaaake loooooove?

Kim Bachmann

Oh Serena...you and your wicked wit


Your blog is hysterical! I could relate to just about everything!
So fun to read other bay area blogs!


hilarious!! i look forward to every post. But I think this one and the one where you're husband dared to suggest perhaps you should do the housework are the best... my only complaint is that you don't write enough posts- we need one every monday because it always cheers up my day. keep up the great work!


I am laughing out loud. This is so funny, thanks for the imagery.


I died laughing at this! I don't think I could ever get my husband to agree on a couple's massage! Actually, I don't think I want to either! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Napa. It's fun reading another Bay Area blog--I look forward to your posts. You are seriously a very funny woman! --Delores



NY girlfriend

Aahhh hhaaa, is that you & Beloved? i think i recognize his famous "full head of hair"!


Sooo funny. One of my boyfriends trying to get in good with me, and pretending to be romantic, took me for a couples massage. He later said he felt like he was in a mausoleum. darkly lit, the essence, etc.


Art by Karena


aaahhhaaaaa haaaa haaaaaaa!!!!!! I have nothing further to add.


LOL. I feel the same way about the contrived romance bit. People can get so cheesy and cliche about things sometimes. Like long-stem red roses on valentines....gag...Everyone needs to just be themselves and let go of the false expectations and enjoy what IS, whether their guy is "traditionally" romantic or not. Great post and thanks for your kind and supportive comments. Have a great weekend! xx


your blogs make me smile!
Carry on!


Best one yet. Fantastique! and Tres Romantique

Tendai Melhuish

It's been a while since I laughed until I cried.....


ha ha ha!!

Old Friend from Aspen

You still say Super alot ha ha and beloved still doesn't have a speck of gray hair?? Isn't he lucky???

Kim Bachmann

Ha.  Does have some gray, but at least lots of super good hair... :)

Von Andalora

Haha, that's pretty funny. At least your Beloved got some post-massage bliss in that romantic spa trip. That massage you got would benefit your health, as it hammered out the stress in you.

Anton Houskeeper

Heeh, I'm still laughing at your story! Boys do find it a bit uncomfortable to go for a massage. Haha! But that's a bonding time well-spent for the both of you. Relationships need bonding moments like this from time to time.

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