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May 17, 2010


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So fun!! Love it all!

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Art by Karena


Having NO food in the house can backfire when one's teenage son and 3 friends show up after practice. Raw unsalted almonds, gluten-free rice crackers and smoked salmon are clearly not considered food - they promptly left and went to 7-11!


So funny. Sadly I have only gotten heavier since not eating meals and only drinking diet soda. Maybe I too need to rethink this!


Tab was different back then...I remember buying an entire case ( big deal when I was 15) when the company announced the switch to nutrisweet from saccharin. It was never the same again + my 3 a day habit dwindled!


It really is a pity that the eat less & exercise more thing seems to be the only way. I just hate it when things are easy like that.


Hilarious! Do they even sell Tab anymore?

I must know where you got your outdoor chinoiserie bench in the background....I need it! Do tell...


I've also looked into the Eat Right For Your Blood Type diet...now there's a real doozy of a theory. I am O+ the oldest blood type, like the Neanderthal ladies...hunters and gatherers. So, I should eat nothing too fancy, keep it simple. That means just meat and fish (not the prehistoric kind but you get the idea). Not even that many veggies are o.k., like carrots are a no no, I guess the Neanderthals didn't eat them. They walked right over the tops and didn't know there was anything growing in the soil. I think it might be o.k. if I gathered nuts and berries from the Presidio next to my house. That'd be the best. And I guess the gathering would be considered exercise so that would be a plus. No coffee or alcohol for me, sadly the Neanderthal's didn't have much fun or have to get up early to get there kids to school. Anyway, I didn't get too far on this diet; one can find a cheap copy of the book at the Town School Clothes Closet.


I have "rediscovered" Fresca and believe it is a diuretic.

I blame this on Caddyshack.

Kingsley Amarcord

Thin: I travel to New Orleans for a few weeks, seeking my pleasures offline (the culture their accommodates), returning to find "the saga" presumably concluded - and *Poof* - scrubbed. Thin indeed.

Skinny: I seek an alternative (any tingling?) universe, where I will be invited to share in the knowledge. Impatiently I waited for it, and now I bow low, simply seeking - the skinny.

Suggestion: Archive TYFA onto a thumb drive (quaintly inscribed 'Mother') for Youngest, Middle and Oldest to present to any therapist should the need arise. Beloved will appreciate the dramatic savings. (Meant to amuse, not harm.)


Wait....Fresca is a diuretic?!

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