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January 26, 2011


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Kelly Hoffman

Umm... Excuse me, I happened to be a virgo up until this travesty! Virgos are what make the world go round in an orderly fashion. If it weren't for Virgos, Some other ridiculous sign like A Taurus (which apparently i am now) would probably have tried to pull this stunt a long time ago! Good God! Look at us fighting like a couple of...... oooh... Some OTHER sign. We NEVER did this when you were a Libra and I a Virgo!

serena at the urban farmhouse

I was laughing until I clicked over and saw that I am no longer a Scorpio (altho some would think this a blessing) and am now a Libra! Hope you're feeling better!


I can't comment yet, I need to find out what's happened to the Aquarians first! As if approaching 50 isn't bad enough. I can't get used to it. Now I have to contend with the change (dare I say "decline") of my zodiac sign!!!! I fear the worst. If I don't write back soon, send someone over to check on me.

Old Friend from Aspen

Trust me my old friend we are still Libra's no matter what as you might remember my sister is a Virgo thru and thru and we are definitely not that (Not to say anything bad about Virgo's since many of my friends are the V sign) but it is much less streeful to be a Libra and then what would we be without Frankie Z our other Libra friend


Hey I am a Libra too! I've always been proud of my libra traits, found on line it says Libras are:

Diplomatic and urbane
Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable

What am I supposed to do with these new Virgo characteristics:

Modest and shy - no, not me!
Meticulous and reliable - not really meticulous!
Practical and diligent - maybe ...
Intelligent and analytical - hmmmmm

Reading your post I realized I let kids sleep in and we were late for school! This virgo thing isn't really working for me!


I thought you were over reacting when I read your post, until I checked out the STORY! OMG, I'm not an Aquarius anymore? But a Capricorn instead? I have always been an Aquarius. Water is the bane of my existence! Every house I ever lived in has either leaked or flooded the basement. I always thought it was the Aquarius in me. Now I'm really confused.....


Shouldn't we factor in the year we were born, somewhere? If one was born, (let's use my birthday of October 9th) 3,00 years ago, they were a Libra? And if one was born October 9th, last year, they are a Virgo? What about all those years in between?
A Former Libra and disgruntled Virgo


I guess some of us really special people didn't experience the "shift". I'm still Sagittarius - but then I knew that without looking!


Thanks for giving me a chuckle!

(P.S. You are still a Libra, the rotation of the earth relative to bla bla just changes the "Age" we're in. Like, we're moving into the Age of Aquarius. Astrologers have known this for, like, ever. I don't know why this scientist think he discovered something new and tries to make it sound like it changes the Zodiac. What a smarmy smart-ass!)

Dovecote Decor

Good news!! Unless you were born after 2,000, you are still a Libra. That was what I gleaned from the horrible news. It is all a tempest in a tea pot. No one can convince me that I am not pure Taurus.

belle on heels

supposedly i am no longer a leo. i responded to this by going on a shopping spree of anything lion-related. that'll teach those rotating planets. harumph.

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