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May 18, 2011


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liz a.

now that was truly funny! what else could be in those newspapers!? wait until they print some pictures in the paper, you will faint! or at least fall on the floor!


hmmm I predict much more "comment" traffic on this blog than Market Street! Much easier to admit to identifying with.


Kim. I am truly worried about you. Three blogs in a week, no talk of procrastination and not a word about "tomorrow's another day"! This is not the Kim I know and love. Have you started on meds? No judgement., Just spill the beans! I could use a dose of your zest!


Love It...I read and laugh sitting here at my desk, with four newspapers collected from my doorstep since Monday, still sitting in their little blue plastic baggies.

Heather Elder

no kidding! what was he thinking???!! You obviously found your way to the more interesting articles!

Kelly Hoffman

I feel sooo.... not knowledgeable...?

NY girlfriend

appropriately, this from the woman who discovered The Week (a thin magazine distillation of the weekly newspapers) in 2001, the year it started, and gave me a subscription, which i loved.

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