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June 28, 2011


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So, I know this all too well. My "beloved" and I went to a party in Napa this weekend. Alone in the car driving there we managed some nice witty repartee and even found ourselves talking about topics other than those related to our children. Sadly on the way home, we didn't speak to one another. No argument had occurred, no source of any irritation on the part of either one of us. When I asked him if there was anything wrong when we got home he said in a very chipper fashion, "why no, just felt that we had sufficiently bonded on the way up. why would you think that anything was wrong?" huh...If I had thrown myself from our moving car in total frustration, I'm really not sure he would have ever noticed.


Two comments...
if you said you were going to leave the family, i am pretty sure youngest might say,"no you ain't".
Rarely does the "man" listen to word i say but instead of stopping i like to add sentences like, "and then i slept with Steve Bachmann". it doesn't really work though...

NY girlfriend

perhaps you are not saying anything of interest to Beloved. throw in "and then i slept with Vandy."




Why cant Beloved be black and play the violin?!

Heather Elder

The New Yorker cartoon says it all. Hysterical.

Maryam in Marrakech


Dovecote Decor

I'm not sure which is worse silence, or the type that never shuts up. That is absolutely exhausting and has the same results. The chatterbox has no interest in listening.

Dovecote Decor

Oh, my guilty pleasure. I was just looking for a treat post from you. Please post, I miss your exploits--miss you, an actual stranger.

Maryam in Marrakech

Where are you? I miss your blog!!!

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