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January 31, 2012


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Sarah K

Fabulous. Fabulous. And condolences to Micki.

Glad you are back!!


Falling out of my chair! Mickie's father is surely laughing up there too. Thanks for starting off the first day of the rest of my life with a smile!


You are HILARIOUS! Oh, just a question: Why didn't you post a pic of you in your bathing suit?


I love it!! Respectfully though of course!

Where have you been?!

Art by Karena

Kim Jennett

100% true? Hmmm...no red dress in sight, not her style. I know, this is all in good fun, but had to back my flawlessly dressed (and in grey that day) MIL. :)

Miss him everyday. :(


who's the creepo who wants to see you in a bathing suit? someone should tell him (could be her) that he's subscribed to the wrong blog...this one is humor, family, lovely interior spaces. Think they call that "lifestyle" in these parts. Leave the bathing suits to the Victoria Secrets catalog he gets; not that our dear writer couldn't hold her own at a VS photo shoot.

Kelly Hoffman

Seriously lmao!! (W.K.S. comment) How random was that??!!
Oh yeah.. Your blog was funny too!!! I wonder if your readers know how true to life you really depict yourself??


So funny! I've missed your blog. Glad your back!

PS - To Kim Jennett: I think the person in the red dress ended up being the altar boy, not your MIL.

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